"Mikki Daniel has the ability to interpret her own tunes as well as those of others, her incredible songwriting is really authentic.  She represents a great hope of the future of western music.  At 17, I'd say that's a pretty exciting statement!"
~Michael Martin Murphy

"Mikki Daniel is the whole package, she is really fabulous!"
~Jack Hanna, Sons of the San Joaquin

"Who do I predict will take Western Music to a new level, using elements of swing, jazz, classics and pop?  Mikki Daniel, that's who.  This young lady is far more than talented:  you see, talent is easy.  Some are born with it. But it takes so much more than that to be a solid force in the world of entertainment, and Mikki has been honing, crafting and solidifying her considerable skills as a singer, player, songwriter, and performer, finding a unique and recognizable style and voice that is all her own.  Mikki has become a solid presence among the handful of legitimately wonderful performers that populate the top tier of Western Music.  Mikki Daniel has got the whole package and she is making her mark!  See her for yourself, you'll agree!"
~ Juni Fisher, 2011 WMA Entertainer of the Year, 2006 2009 2011 Female Performer of the Year, 2008 Wrangler Award Winner

"Mikki Daniel can sing the socks off a Mockingbird!  On the day God was passing out talent, Mikki got it allSome people are given the gift, and they never really know how great they are and Mikki is one of those.  I guess you can tell I am a fan, I believe Mikki will be as big as her dreams will take her!"
~ David Bradley, Flying W Wranglers

"Mikki  Daniel is the BEST of the new crop of young Western entertainers! Her infectious smile and top-notch delivery will have you shouting...'ENCORE!'"  
~ Barry Ward, 2013 WMA Male Performer of the Year

"I think we are looking at the next Cindy Walker here.  The maturity in Mikki's songwriting is incredible for someone her age and is almost unexplainable.  Her ability to interpret her own tunes, as well as those of others, marks her a s a performer with an outstanding future..  Mikki represents great hope for the future of western music!"
~ Marvin O'Dell, Around the Campfire, Defenders of Freedom Radio

"Mikki Daniel's debut album is one of the finest pieces of work I have ever had the pleasure to listen to!  And when I say listen, I mean Mikki's music, lyrics and vocals draw you right into her world with as much ease as a nice easy ride into the sunset on horseback.  Every once in a while the perfect mix of personalities come together to make something magical and we are all so lucky that Mikki was able to collaborate with Marvin O'Dell, Journey West and the whole Rhythm Rustler crew!  Clean production, sparkling vocals and personality plus coming through every phrase!  Mikki writes and sings with such incredible depth and range!  She is a credit to any genre, but lucky for us, she is, and obviously will be, an integral part of the western music genre. " ~ Rob Wolfskill, multiple award winning Tumbleweed Rob

"Mikki sings so sweetly and from the heart.  She plays and understands the guitar better than I ever will.  But it is her songwriting that got my attention.  Mikki weaves good stories with such depth and meaning.  How she can see through the eyes of the diverse people she writes of at the age of seventeen is beyond me.  Mikki, you can go in any direction you wish and it will be great." ~ Rex Rideout, Time Travel Music

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