What Does She Do?

Well, she sings and swings..."Mikki-Style"!

     Influenced by the legendary Cindy Walker, Roy Rogers, Bob Wills, Dean Martin, Gene Autry, Fats Waller, Louis Armstrong, Bing Crosby, Lena Horn, Ella Fitzgerald, and many others, she enjoys performing the wonderful music from the early 20's through late 50's.

       "I think we're looking at the next Cindy Walker here. The maturity in Mikki's songwriting is incredible for someone her age and is almost unexplainable. Her ability to interpret her own tunes, as well as those of others, marks her as a performer with an outstanding future. Mikki represents great hope for the future of western music."
~Marvin O'Dell, Around the Campfire, Defenders of Freedom Radio~ 


     When she perfoms a haunting reindition of even the most familiar old song, you can't help but love the personality, charm and engaging smile of this young entertainer! 

Known for her ability to spin a tale, crystal-clear yodel 
and sweetly memorable cowboy tunes, she  sings a wide range of “Silver-Screen 
Cowboy Stuff”, Western Swing style music 
(the official music of Texas!), her own 
original songs, old timey gospel/hymns and more. She performs for performing arts centers, fairs, festivals, cowboy gatherings, trail rides, 
rodeos, weddings and private parties. 
Schools often feature this young artist in 
her “working cowgirl” attire and 
matching song-selection for History 
classes. Need the National Anthem sung? 
She’s your girl! She’s an all-around cowgal with 
a heart dedicated to sharing this 
precious music before it fades away. 
Thank YOU for helping her keep it alive! Mikki and her husband, Brody, also own a horse training company called CowPunch Ponies, and an online custom purse (and other handmade artsy goods) company called CowPunch Purses!